Monday, 6 January 2014

Out This Week - 6th January 2014

The Manticores - Lulls

This isn't the first track we've features from The Manticores' EP 'Petaltails', but when the Atlanta duo chose to release that collection in September they made sure that each and every song was a potential single. So to start the new year they've unveiled this new video to the latest selection, 'Lulls'. Once more this is a fine piece of guitar-pop that should win a few more fans.

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Casanovas In Heat - Belvidere

Formed in 2010, Cassanovas In Heat consist of members of Boston punk bands Bloodkrow Butcher, Male Nurses, and Subclinix, so they know their way around their tunes. This new band isn't as hardcore as their previous outfits, but tracks like scorching new single 'Belvidere' manage to pack a punch and provide a giddy pop rush in one fell swoop.

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Jung - Something Is Missing

London singer-songwriter Jung was formerly a member of the band Wishing Trees but is now recording as a solo artist, although 'Something Is Missing' was recorded with the help of former Stereolab drummer Andy Ramsay and Wishing Trees' keyboard player. It's a competent semi-acoustic track that begins to get under your skin after a few plays, showing that his career as a solo artist is one worth pursuing. 

Jung's website

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Rättens Krater - Apmonoliten

With a darkened sound that has its roots in the more left-field post-punk bands and late '70s innovators such as Suicide, Joy Division and the European industrial scene, Sweden's Rättens Krater release their debut album 'Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg' this week and indicative of their musical philosophy is 'Apmonoliten', a surging wall of clanging and buzzing noise which they rightly describe as "terrorpop".

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Lost Tapes - War In The Netherlands

Barcelona's finest indiepop group Lost Tapes look set to deliver another bunch of impeccable songs on their forthcoming EP 'Poetry Dates' which follows their self-titled EP from the summer. Some of the song titles might be familiar to fans, as they're new versions of previous tracks, including the wonderful free download 'War In The Netherlands' which also featured on their last release. It deserves recognition in its own right though, purely for its impossible to dislike sunny optimism and softened vocals which are simply perfect for clearing your brain of any of the annoying fuzz that life in general clogs it up with.

Free download: 'War In The Netherlands'
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Lost Tapes' website

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