Monday 6 January 2014

Girl Band - Lawman

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It was the exciting, grungy, sludgy, yet still shining 'France 98' EP which put Dublin's Girl Band (they're actually four blokes) on our radar last year and whetted our appetite for more of their Pixies meets Melvins meets Nirvana type of ear-crunching alternative rock. This week they deliver something that's even more likely to give your tympanic membrane a right good seeing to. Expanding their sound further and pushing the extremes that little bit more, 'Lawman' clocks in at over six-minutes long and doesn't slack off for any of that time; it just builds and grinds and pummels until you either succumb and are fully absorbed by the visceral sound or you wimp out and go back to your Ed Sheeran CDs.

Yes, 'Lawman' is pretty intense, especially given its length. The instruments sound as though they're being put through their paces in a torture chamber, groaning and creaking and squealing, as the industrial pounding piles on even more pure noise. This isn't making a righteous racket just for the sake of it though, this is manipulating sound to craft a unique and challenging piece that will be heaven to some and hell to others. As it progresses, the strain on the equipment only seems to grow, while the vocals cry that bit more to be heard above the din. The we hit a solid block of squalling sonics that sound like being trapped inside some giant, mechanical workshop from the industrial revolution. There are no holds barred on this one; Girl Band come baying for blood, and your lug-holes are likely to supply it.

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Catch them live:

15th Jan - Brighton UK - The Green Door Store - Free in
16th Jan - Groningen NL - Eurosonic Noorderslag - Huis De Beurs
17th Jan - Tilburg NL - Incubated XL Festival - 013
18th Jan - Groningen NL - Galerie Sign - Free in
21st Jan - Rotterdam NL - Poortgebouw
23rd Jan - London UK - The Old Blue Last- Free in
30th Jan - Limerick IE- Bourkes Bar
01st Feb - Cork IE - Crane Lane Theatre
08th Feb - Dublin IE - Whelans
13th Feb - Galway IE - Roisin Dubh

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