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Band To Check Out: Tilapia

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Formerly known as Rawshank, Tilapia are a promising new alternative pop four-piece who we'd suggest keeping a close eye on this  Originally hailing from Cambridge and Dover but currently based in South London, Tilapia consist of  Edward Allen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Elliott Brown (lead guitar, backing vocals), George Wheeler (bass/synth, backing vocals) and Adam Dolby (drums, backing vocals), and late last year they released their debut EP 'Rawshank'. 'Rawshank' consists of four brilliant, crunchy guitar-led indiepop tracks where each bite of sound is worth savouring.

Opening track 'Jaguar' is a classic lo-fi indiepop song with a little bit of a Madness-esque Britpop sound, 'As A School' has a slow, sensational, almost post-rock intro, developing into a beautifully astral psychedelic dreampop sound with feel good “baa baa ba-da-da-', Succums' is a wistful, breezy track with great guitar strums and warm easy-listening lyrics. Then there's 'Word Of Good Cheer' that is the most scuzzy of tracks with a shimmery early Strokes feel to it. Tilapia are currently working on a follow-up EP which will include six new songs produced by Jamie Stuart (Bloody Knees). If you like vintage indie/Britpop then Tilapia are the band for you, who have scaled their sound back to when the genre was at its most finest and fulfilling. We for one are definitely more than satisfied.

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