Tuesday 23 August 2011

The Heart Strings - Flap Your Crazy Wings

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It's that time of year again – The X Factor is back! I'd imagine that, as usual, the total number of episodes I'll watch will be a big fat zero. But while the industry trots out the next batch of mechanically recovered, mass produced music substitute, destined to meet its end clogging up a charity shop near you this time next year, it's heartening to know bands like The Heart Strings exist.

Inhabiting a world of sunny optimism where even the-morning-after-the night-before is something to sing about (Nice Hangover). One of many highlights (Five Minute Wonder Boy) is seemingly about a lack of prowess between the sheets, yet manages to be one of the cheeriest songs you'll hear all year.

Flap Your Crazy Wings is a refreshing batch of brilliantly penned tunes to which much care and attention has been made. The combination of sweet melodies and intricate layers sound both inventive and strangely familiar at the same time, whereas the immaculate production never sounds too polished or cluttered. Somewhere Brian Wilson is nodding in approval.

The whole album is available to download on The Heart Strings bandcamp, you can name your price or even get it for nothing - but really this is worth a few quid so don't be so tight!

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