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Falling Stacks - Dogo Argentino EP

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We've talked about this several times, every other music publication that features similar styles has too. There's not much guitar music in the singles charts. Discount the stadium rockers and the sub-Mumfords troubadours and you've got next to nothing. Apologies for the repetition, but I personally believe this is down to how the charts are compiled now. But we've had that conversation many times. One other reason may be that the world of "indie" and alternative music (the guitar-based part) has been ruled by lo-fi bands with fuzzy guitars and dreampop stylings, singing about the same things (sun, beaches, summer, surfing) with generally DIY production. This music isn't chart friendly. Recently though, we've noticed a change.

Post-punk is back in a big way, and this means that the more commercially-minded bands of this genre could soon be rubbing shoulders with Calvin Harris again. On this form, Bristol trio Falling Stacks won't be joining them, but they're definitely a part of the movement. The reason they won't be picking up Brits has nothing to do with talent, it's simply down to them not wishing to scrub themselves up for the kids. They want to make their sound. The 'Dogo Argentino' EP starts in storming fashion with a scream and then some throbbing bass as it slams us into 'White Wild Hare', a huge song that probably has the ability to make the "beautiful buildings" it talks about crumble into dust at the right volume. They experiment a little more on 'View of a Lake' which is a stop/start track that would be softer were it not for the ever-so-slightly caustic vocals. They're more a desperate shout than conventional singing, because Falling Stacks aren't too keen on conventional. Finally they give us a feral blast that's somewhere between The fall, The Cramps and Black Flag. Loud, obnoxious, creepy and pummelling. With sounds like this it's no wonder those stacks are falling, this is designed for total destruction.

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'Dogo Argentino' will be released on 11th November through Battle Worldwide Recordings

Catch them live:

SAT 26 OCT The Stag and Hounds, Bristol, UK
SAT 09 NOV Betsey Trotwood, London, UK
SAT 16 NOV Hope & Anchor, London, UK

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