Thursday, 6 June 2013

Band To Check Out - Sounds Of Sputnik

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You hear about some bands coming out of the woodwork to be discovered. This band dropped down right from outer space… Sounds of Sputnik is a Moscow-based indie, post-rock, shoegaze, noise-rock project with dreampop leanings.

Full of catchy riffs and a flowing wave of peaking and pacing, this instrumental sea of dream noise brings us closer to an illusory sonic mélange of several key bands, among which are Mogwai, Airiel, Jesus & Mary Chain, Air Formation, My Bloody Valentine, Explosions in the Sky, Slowdive, Chapterhouse and M83.

Since the iron curtain was pulled back, a new world has opened up for musicians in this part of the world, and the number of possibilities has expanded even further with the emergence of the internet and piracy. On the other hand, a new world has also opened up to listeners, who can finally hear the music stemming from the former Soviet Union. While many argue that Moscow is a world of its own, we could similarly argue that Sounds of Sputnik is in a space of its own. We suggest blasting off with SOS for a closer gaze - in advance of the debut album, expected towards end of summer/early autumn.

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  1. This really is a keeper!!! ~ Rita Kemp

  2. Yee-haw - out of this world music (in a good way)… let's go!!
    Now where's my rocket? hmmm

  3. да, так и надо! ЙИ-ХО!!))